7 Mouth-watering Arabic delicacies

Are you a food enthusiast planning a trip to the UAE? Well, a lot awaits you then! With a history of astonishing culinary backgrounds and some of the most delicious foods, the UAE is sure to make you fall in love with its world-class traditional delicacies. Indeed it is a paradise for food lovers, which will also provide you with glimpses of rich Emirati culture and hospitality. From soothing beverages, finger-licking snacks and healthy salads to appetizing main course dishes and incredible flavourful desserts, UAE food is hard to resist. Here are the top seven unmissable Arabic delicacies you must include in your check-list:

  • Karak: Popular as the national tea of UAE, you will find this exceptional beverage in roadside shops.Similar to the Indian or Pakistani ‘masala chai’, the recipe of Karak also includes milk, tea, sugar and cardamom. Whichever place you may belong from; enjoy the taste of a cup of hot Karak with a sweet cake or doughnut.
  • Jellab and Qamardeen: Jellab is a kind of Arabian cold drink usually made by blending grape molasses and rose water garnished with pine nuts and raisins. While, Qamardeen is a drink made out of apricot. Both are famous classic beverages you must not forget to try during your UAE visit.
  • Fattoush: Are you on a healthy food regime and do not prefer eating heavy and greasy foods? Nothing can be better than a bowl of fresh salads. Undoubtedly go for Fattoush, which is made by mixing fresh lettuce, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, mint leaves, onion, lemon and garlic. Served on khabz, a kind of flat Levantine bread with a drizzle of olive oil, this recipe is simple yet loaded with flavours.
  • Shawarma: Another excellent-tasting non-vegetarian snack available at the local UAE food outlets is Shawarma. This mouth-watering food item includes tender meat strips flavoured in spice mixes and is wrapped on flat pita bread alongside crunchy lettuce, different sauces and fries. Try this budget-friendly street food in the UAE. Rest assured! You won’t be disappointed.
  • Al Macboos: Looking for the best UAE recipes to try for lunch? With no hesitation, go for Al Macboos. A non-vegetarian enticing recipe full of flavours includes rice, red meat, fish or shrimp as the key ingredients. To make this incredible sumptuous meal, the chef cooks the meat, fish or shrimp to perfection. Then the minced onions, tomatoes, potatoes, spices and cooked rice are added to complete the dish. Definitely try it out with raita to give your taste buds ultimate satisfaction.
  • Chelo Kabab: A mixture of steamed saffron-scented rice with Iranian kebabs, the Chelo kebab will make you feel out of the world.Prepared over a charcoal grill, the dish primarily contains ground lamb or beef kebabs or chunks of chicken alongside saffron-rice and various veggies. To derive the best taste, consider having it with an Iranian yoghurt-based drink or butter and sumac powder.
  • Luqaimat: Made from milk, flour, yeast, sugar, butter and cardamom, Luqaimat is a sweet dumpling which is soft inside and crunchy outside. As the most preferred Emirati dessert, you find it easily in the local shops and restaurants.


Your UAE trip will be incomplete without tasting the top delicacies. So, relish the mouth-watering Arabic food items and enjoy your UAE trip.